Slow dancing in a Burning Room

So, I’m not a John Mayer fanboy. But I heard this today and I was impressed. If nothing else, with this one line,

“Slow dancing in a burning room”

In one line, he describes a deeply connected relationship that is headed for disaster.

Slow dancing. It implies care, it implies romance. Slow dancing implies forgetting the world around you. Focus.

And if the heat of the relationship wasn’t enough…

Burning room. It implies destruction through irresistible heat. Power.

He is also quite good on the guitar…William Stonewall Monroe


This just got real: In which we move to Alabama and we are having a baby

“This just got real” said my wife as I turned the keys in the ignition and we began to drive back to a home that wouldn’t be home much longer…

At the end of August, I lost my job. Ordinarily that should have, would have been devastating. Except… strangely enough, it wasn’t. We had a bit of an emergency fund, and as much as it can be, the layoff was amicable.

The provision of God was clear and we weren’t in panic mode.

Life continued to happen.

Alicia, my wife, started telling me, “William, I think I’m pregnant.” Our neighbors encouraged Alicia to take a test and lo and behold, she was experiencing the miracle of life.

God doesn’t do anything halfway, it seemed pretty clear that again this was his provision.

Life continued to happen.

I have never felt so desirable as a employee as I have during this period of no work. Also, never quite so blessed by all the friends and family. From the job hunt alone, I got many calls and interviews simply because a friend or family member passed my resume along.

In talking to my brother the day after the layoff, he mentioned to me a job that recently opened up for a Scanning Electron Microscope operator at UAB where he works and even better, my particular skill set and background fit perfectly with the position.

After wrestling and praying and worrying that paperwork wouldn’t come through in time, it did. I got the job, and start this coming monday. We are moving to Alabama.

The blessings kept rolling in.

This passed Monday, I called up the Informed Choices clinic in Iowa City. As we hadn’t been able to schedule any doctors visits without health insurance, I asked if we could just come in and make sure the baby was ok. They responded by scheduling us an Ultra-Sound for that afternoon. I don’t think an official Dr. visit could have been more encouraging. The ladies were the definition of kind and caring. And… we got to see the baby. The baby is a magical jumping jelly bean, squirming, stretching, curling up and sleeping.

Afterwards when we got in the car, Alicia said, “This just got real.”

I wrote this song for our unborn child.

We love this baby. We love that we are going to get to name this baby, and bring into a world where the impossible happens everyday if we are willing to recognize it.

We are about to get up and go eat breakfast with some dear, dear friends before picking up the rental truck and finishing off packing. We will miss this town. We will miss our church. We will miss the people that have made it home.

There are more people than I can thank here. If I haven’t thanked you yet, remind me. We are more blessed by friends and family than we know what to do with.

I lost my job, found a job, we are having a baby, and moving across the country. If this is what happens in two months in our lives, the rest is going to be an adventure that I don’t want to miss.

With love,William Stonewall Monroe