Newness: sometimes your the pit crew

Suppose there was a day that you could wake up, and all things, new and bright and shiny were working together for good and love in the middle of life’s hurricanes. A chosen above and mist below, horizons and fault lines, verizon and wait your times.

Never never owned by the precious moments that slip by but fully owning them, taking in the breaths and letting them go, one at a time. Not the time you could have predicted, but the time you have, the time you love, with the people you love.

It is in these times that sometimes, life asks you to be the race car driver, and sometimes life asks you to be the pit crew. Embrace your crew or your driver and run this crazy race.


Out on the road

I got 100 dollars and that ain’t much cash
So let’s fill up the tank, see what we pass
On the road, out on the road

I got five more months of running left to go
everyone tells me we got to take it slow
On the road, on the road

On The Road Again!
On The Road Again! by howardignatius, on Flickr

When worlds are colliding
The stars in the sky
Flare up and flyin
And stretch to a dive

I got to get you on my mind
I got to get you on my mind

I got twenty beats per second, I come undone
I’ll put my foot to the floor and we’ll chase the sun
On the road, on the road

Out on the road by William S Monroe

William Stonewall Monroe

The master of your domain

The master of your domain,
Quiet, self contained.
Shielded your life from the dragon’s breath
Kept your heart from a hero’s death.
Walked and bruised feet ramble on

Sailing the Bay (7837a)
Sailing the Bay (7837a) by H. Michael Arrighi, on Flickr

But the sky is no less bright
The dawn no less the end of night
Awakened from a restless sleep
Into a hope that is not kept but keeps
And a fear that handcuffed, shuffles on

Whispers into the recesses
Exploits in the digresses
As ready as ready can be
A steady grasp of uncharted sea
What grasp can be held, off and then on.

William Stonewall Monroe