Tippy toes: a poem of fatherhood

Tippy toes: a poem of fatherhood

Tippy toes on tippy toes,
Let it come, let it goes.
Make up your mind,
Change your heart. Better,
Resolve in heart, endeavor
Let the mind be flexible,
Let the wisdom that a father knows
Sit still for a while, let it build, grow
Everything does not need to be known
And not everything known needs to be shared
Keep the hearts,
Hold them dear. Keep them.
Keep them close.

William Stonewall Monroe


The whisking away

The whisking away and the not holding back,
the overwhelming and the giving of slack,
the moments that hide in the corner, waiting,
the times that be are the times that are a changing.

Wind Sand Swirl

Never is not an option,
and ever is the only adoption
Intwined, our histories develop and stride
surpassing the failings in things we have tried