Tippy toes: a poem of fatherhood

Tippy toes: a poem of fatherhood

Tippy toes on tippy toes,
Let it come, let it goes.
Make up your mind,
Change your heart. Better,
Resolve in heart, endeavor
Let the mind be flexible,
Let the wisdom that a father knows
Sit still for a while, let it build, grow
Everything does not need to be known
And not everything known needs to be shared
Keep the hearts,
Hold them dear. Keep them.
Keep them close.

William Stonewall Monroe


Newness: sometimes your the pit crew

Suppose there was a day that you could wake up, and all things, new and bright and shiny were working together for good and love in the middle of life’s hurricanes. A chosen above and mist below, horizons and fault lines, verizon and wait your times.

Never never owned by the precious moments that slip by but fully owning them, taking in the breaths and letting them go, one at a time. Not the time you could have predicted, but the time you have, the time you love, with the people you love.

It is in these times that sometimes, life asks you to be the race car driver, and sometimes life asks you to be the pit crew. Embrace your crew or your driver and run this crazy race.

Yo Yo Ma’s brilliant entry

My wife and I went to go see Yo Yo Ma (courtesy of my Uncle) this past weekend. When he walked on stage, he was not carrying his cello. At first we were concerned and slightly confused, but then, he explained.

“I will be your waiter this evening…”

He explained that he saw himself as a waiter, a servant, of the music and of his audience. Likening himself to a a waiter for a Top Chef, he described his role as not creating, but rather presenting a musical experience created by the most expert creators.

pile of homemade pasta, just rolled and cut
pile of homemade pasta, just rolled and cut by cafemama, on Flickr

Now before his show, I had already started thinking of myself (especially where music is concerned) in terms of being a home chef. I even had written the following journal entry

Homemade music

like a homemade pie,
delicious and fresh
lacking entirely straight,
drawn within the lines kind of perfection
floured countertops,
fresh cut fruits
happy accidents,
intentional brilliance
love you can taste.

No stickers to tear.
No boxes to open.
Ingredients you can pronounce.

Close your eyes.
Enjoy every morsel.

After Mr. Ma’s show, the thought finished connecting. While I do compose, I feel my music is a bit more earthy and homey than a lot of classical music.

I am a home cook. Let me bring you emotions and my messages in the freshest way possible. Yo Yo Ma’s entry helped me remember what I want to do with my music as well as set the stage for his own performance. What a great entry and a great night.

William Stonewall Monroe

Life never works out just like we expect

Sometimes I wish I could plan things out, get everything organized, and know which one of ten steps I was on to make the universe a better place. Life never works out just like we expect.

Unexpected Food VIl: Citrus Surprise
Unexpected Food VIl: Citrus Surprise by jcoterhals, on Flickr

You never know when the orange that life gave you is really a lemon hiding a lime.

It’s one of the ways we know we are not alone. If everything followed my expectations, I could be tempted to think I can really control much more than I can. Life isn’t about control.

That isn’t to say we are victims. We do impact the world around us. We do play an important role in the way our lives unfold.

The unfolding, however, is largely affected by things outside of our reach, things that we never would have guessed, and never could have known to put in motion.

Losing a job, falling in love with your best friend, hitting a vulture with your car, becoming a parent…

It is up to us how we react. Let’s enjoy this crazy adventure called life.

William Stonewall Monroe

The master of your domain

The master of your domain,
Quiet, self contained.
Shielded your life from the dragon’s breath
Kept your heart from a hero’s death.
Walked and bruised feet ramble on

Sailing the Bay (7837a)
Sailing the Bay (7837a) by H. Michael Arrighi, on Flickr

But the sky is no less bright
The dawn no less the end of night
Awakened from a restless sleep
Into a hope that is not kept but keeps
And a fear that handcuffed, shuffles on

Whispers into the recesses
Exploits in the digresses
As ready as ready can be
A steady grasp of uncharted sea
What grasp can be held, off and then on.

William Stonewall Monroe

One step at a time

How do you climb a mountain?
One step at a time.

How is everything going to get done?
One task at a time.

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.
PhotonQ-Certainties on the gravitation of an Elephant
PhotonQ-Certainties on the gravitation of an Elephant

How do you manage a life that overwhelms you?
One step at a time.

Do the next thing. After you get done with the next thing, then worry about the thing after that. Nobody can take 2 or 3 or 50 steps simultaneously. Worrying about every step will drown you when you can only take the next step.

Break the overwhelming vagueness of everything up into steps and then work through the everything,
One step at a time.

This is what I’ve been having to tell myself and my wife lately as we work through the overwhelming life changes that are going on. What actions do you take to make the overwhelming parts of life more manageable?

William Stonewall Monroe

The whisking away

The whisking away and the not holding back,
the overwhelming and the giving of slack,
the moments that hide in the corner, waiting,
the times that be are the times that are a changing.

Wind Sand Swirl

Never is not an option,
and ever is the only adoption
Intwined, our histories develop and stride
surpassing the failings in things we have tried