Magic by Coldplay

Magic by Coldplay…

Getting back to the root of things… working more on coming up with the “William” version. Focusing more on the bones of the music and less on the trappings. This song is catchy and could mean any of a million things. Enjoy, “Magic”


Slow dancing in a Burning Room

So, I’m not a John Mayer fanboy. But I heard this today and I was impressed. If nothing else, with this one line,

“Slow dancing in a burning room”

In one line, he describes a deeply connected relationship that is headed for disaster.

Slow dancing. It implies care, it implies romance. Slow dancing implies forgetting the world around you. Focus.

And if the heat of the relationship wasn’t enough…

Burning room. It implies destruction through irresistible heat. Power.

He is also quite good on the guitar…William Stonewall Monroe