Fatherhood: I Love Being a Dad

I love being a dad. I don’t know if I can say that I love being a dad more than I’ve loved anything else in my life, but I can say this: I love being a dad.


That little soul depends on me for her well-being. Little Miss Thang depends on me to protect her, to love her. She needs me to be the type of person I want her to become, and she needs me to provide and take care of her, Li’l Momma, and Pooka.

Gazing into her eyes is more awe-inspiring than mountains and more mesmerizing than a dancing flame. When I first watched the movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” I laughed at the end where one of the new mothers looks at her child and says, “he’s so wise.” How could a baby be wise? Now? I get it. Little Miss Thang is a thinker, and those eyes of hers are worth getting lost in.

I want to win the world for her, and yet I count successfully singing her to sleep as one of my greatest accomplishments. I have my aspirations, my hopes and my dreams, but this life that I have right now? This is the dream life, being married to my best friend, with the most wonderful baby , and enjoying the little moments.

I just need to keep reminding myself to savor those little moments. Don’t get too caught up in surviving, and don’t worry too much about getting everything done. There will always be more things to do. I won’t ever regret the times that I’ve enjoyed my family.


Poetry: Belief is just one moment

Belief is just one moment.


is just

every moment.

Arms are never wide enough.

to hold all of everyone that counts.

All the people that count continues to increase.

Never ceasing, it beats on.

It beats on.

The love
and the head,
and the heart.

William Stonewall Monroe

Tippy toes: a poem of fatherhood

Tippy toes: a poem of fatherhood

Tippy toes on tippy toes,
Let it come, let it goes.
Make up your mind,
Change your heart. Better,
Resolve in heart, endeavor
Let the mind be flexible,
Let the wisdom that a father knows
Sit still for a while, let it build, grow
Everything does not need to be known
And not everything known needs to be shared
Keep the hearts,
Hold them dear. Keep them.
Keep them close.

William Stonewall Monroe

Flash Fiction: The Unmoved

He had the look of the unmoved, the look of one of the steady, stone men, cut from the earth before memory came to being. Chiseled.

The unmoved stood outside the village, inward facing, reminding us that all too often, it is for the battles within ourselves that require the most vigilance.


Upon hearing my voice, he moved his head, disturbing the surface of his reverie. His eyes, nebulae ever changing in color and complexity, met mine.

The unmoved had no eyes, they simply knew and know. When you truly see, and understand, you have no need of eyes

“She’s beautiful”

He looked down at his granddaughter, sleeping in his arms.

William Stonewall Monroe

Newness: sometimes your the pit crew

Suppose there was a day that you could wake up, and all things, new and bright and shiny were working together for good and love in the middle of life’s hurricanes. A chosen above and mist below, horizons and fault lines, verizon and wait your times.

Never never owned by the precious moments that slip by but fully owning them, taking in the breaths and letting them go, one at a time. Not the time you could have predicted, but the time you have, the time you love, with the people you love.

It is in these times that sometimes, life asks you to be the race car driver, and sometimes life asks you to be the pit crew. Embrace your crew or your driver and run this crazy race.

Waiting: In which we attempt to patiently await the arrival of our sweet baby girl


It’s the waiting that is tough. Knowing what is on the other side (well really having no idea), and waiting.

The every minute, looking at the clock, Christmas morning kind of waiting. We’ve been told the gift is coming, we’ve been told the general time frame, our excitement is primed, and now…

We wait…

How did my parents ever expect us to sleep soundly on Christmas morning when we knew what joy came in the morning?

The anticipation of such joy is an extraordinarily generous cruelty.

Waiting for your life changing bundle of joy, and then being told to relax and be patient. How are patience and relaxation possible in the face of the birth of our daughter?

But I suppose it is exactly that anticipation that we were supposed to be cultivating…

The waiting will make the moments we have with our baby girl all the more precious, but that doesn’t make the waiting any less excruciating…

5 lessons I’ve learned from my Pregnant Wife


1. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body the way that a dangerous radiation storm changes the body of a super hero. It’s magical, and alarming for her, and she appreciates you picking up heavy things so she doesn’t have to embarrass you with her pregnant super strength

2. Pregnant ladies can’t bend. If you see things laying around that require bending to put away, put that stuff away! She can’t bend with your child clinging to her midsection, and yes, it is a hint.

3. Never tell a pregnant woman she is waddling, she is dancing, even if she is doing “the penguin”

4. When a pregnant lady says she isn’t hungry, start finding food now, unlike my belly, hers no longer stores food. Her body stores a tiny food thief, causing the requirement for a higher metabolism, like The Flash

A footnote on food: Breakfast for dinner is always in order

5. Never say that she is “overly sensitive.” Yes, her emotions, tastes, smells, and touches are enhanced and disorienting. Those sensitive senses are for protecting your unborn child. Call it, “Spidey Sense”

Yes, pregnant women are pretty much superheroes.

Photo courtesy of Alicia Monroe
What is a lesson you have learned from the people you love?