#daddyskill #2, Burping

#​d​addyskill​ #2 Burping: burping the baby after a feeding is a great time to practice your hand drumming. #​k​eepittight​


This seems goofy, but honestly there is a point aside from being silly and bettering your sense of rhythm. Certain cultures and ethnicities are stereotyped as producing people with rhythm. It’s my opinion that the race of an individual doesn’t determine whether or not they will be musical or have a natural sense of rhythm. Rather, it is the rhythm inherent in the culture they grow up in that influences this. Marcus Miller, the jazz bassist, has some great thoughts about this in his FAQ on his website (www.marcusmiller.com), check it out.

So burping in rhythm is my tiny little first step towards giving my daughter the gift of rhythm (as best I can).

Here are four songs with distinctive drum part to test your mad skills, and have all the other parents look at you like you are crazy.

1. YYZ by Rush

2. Palm Grease by Herbie Hancock

3. Unluck by James Blake

4. I’m gonna fight by William Stonewall Monroe

That last one may be a little self serving, but it does have a great straight burp able rhythm throughout.

What songs would you add to the list?

William Stonewall Monroe


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