Individuality: She’s her own little person!

It’s shocking really, just how much of an individual Li’l Miss Thang is already. It’s unreal. She’s a fully formed person with thoughts and feelings and hopes. She’s ours, but only insofar as she is ours to guide. I knew philosophically that she would always be her own person, but like so many things it doesn’t hit you until you are in the midst of it. There are so many things about being a parent that people can tell you and they just won’t make any sense until you are there.


I can tell you that standing at the base of Vulcan at the top of the mountain, the view is amazing, or that you might think that you have trees where you live, but you don’t know trees until you drive through Alabama. You can intellectually assent that I am right, but it won’t hit you until you experience it.

She’s her own little person! It blows my mind. When she makes mistakes, those are her mistakes, when she achieves success, that’s her success. As parents, Li’l Momma and I am here to give her the best wisdom we have, make sure she feels love, and has the best shot at winning in this world that we can. Ultimately, though, that will be up to her.

After all, she’s her own little person.

William Stonewall Monroe


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