Waiting: In which we attempt to patiently await the arrival of our sweet baby girl


It’s the waiting that is tough. Knowing what is on the other side (well really having no idea), and waiting.

The every minute, looking at the clock, Christmas morning kind of waiting. We’ve been told the gift is coming, we’ve been told the general time frame, our excitement is primed, and now…

We wait…

How did my parents ever expect us to sleep soundly on Christmas morning when we knew what joy came in the morning?

The anticipation of such joy is an extraordinarily generous cruelty.

Waiting for your life changing bundle of joy, and then being told to relax and be patient. How are patience and relaxation possible in the face of the birth of our daughter?

But I suppose it is exactly that anticipation that we were supposed to be cultivating…

The waiting will make the moments we have with our baby girl all the more precious, but that doesn’t make the waiting any less excruciating…


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