The Story of My Life by One Direction

As with every song, it’s capturing the intent that makes for a good cover, not capturing the exact notes. In One Direction’s, “Story of my life,” it is all about moving forward while looking backward.  Unrequited love, bitter endings, hope for new loves, and trying to let go of the things holding us down, all are important pieces.

On this song, I really felt like a heartbeat style percussion was important.  With such a personal topic and discussion, it just made sense to me.  Thus, the percussion you hear (aside from the random dog collar sounds) is comprised of a chest pound heartbeat rhythm and a wedding ring tap on a piano bench.

After that, things started to fall into place.  Bass is always a nice addition, and banjo is perfect for the straightahead groove and mumfordsy vibe.  

My wife helped me do the mixing and editing to polish it up a 



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