How to write your own Lorde song, or the spectrum of preference and possibility, a beginner’s guide to pop music realism

Ok, so you love Lorde, let’s say you love her music so much, you want to replicate it, while still being able to say that you wrote your own song. Imitation is the purest form of flattery after all, right? Right. First, you’re going to need to make a list. Since I’m still thinking about that lovely panini and tomato soup I had for dinner, I’ll make mine about food.

Your list needs to include things from what I call, “the spectrum of preference and possibility”


Something you really just kind of don’t prefer: pinterest recipes that call for cream cheese

Something you are: An amateur home chef

Some things that will or have never happened: the watched pot never boils, I’ve never cooked with truffle oil

It’s really as simple as that. Now you have the basis for your own song. Mix and match, try making one the title/chorus, and then working in the other two. And don’t forget the backbeat.

Here is the beginnings of some Lorde-esque lyrics that I came up with using my spectrum of preference and possibility.


I’ve never seen a truffle be so fresh, I drool to Masterchef, and Paula Deen
I’m not proud of my soufflĂ©, In this kitchen at home, we might go to Wendy’s

It’ll never be boiled, with you here watching me
But baby you’ll drool, when you smell this frickasee

Sometimes I don’t enjoy the recipes
I get from pinterest that call for so much cream cheese
I really just cook at home for my wife and baby
But we all know, this food’ll be tasty

But it’ll never be boiled, if you don’t put it on high heat
This kind of shrimp must cook real fast, the leftovers won’t last
It’ll never be boiled, with you here watching me
Baby you’ll drool, let me be your Gordon Ramsay


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