5 lessons I’ve learned from my Pregnant Wife


1. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body the way that a dangerous radiation storm changes the body of a super hero. It’s magical, and alarming for her, and she appreciates you picking up heavy things so she doesn’t have to embarrass you with her pregnant super strength

2. Pregnant ladies can’t bend. If you see things laying around that require bending to put away, put that stuff away! She can’t bend with your child clinging to her midsection, and yes, it is a hint.

3. Never tell a pregnant woman she is waddling, she is dancing, even if she is doing “the penguin”

4. When a pregnant lady says she isn’t hungry, start finding food now, unlike my belly, hers no longer stores food. Her body stores a tiny food thief, causing the requirement for a higher metabolism, like The Flash

A footnote on food: Breakfast for dinner is always in order

5. Never say that she is “overly sensitive.” Yes, her emotions, tastes, smells, and touches are enhanced and disorienting. Those sensitive senses are for protecting your unborn child. Call it, “Spidey Sense”

Yes, pregnant women are pretty much superheroes.

Photo courtesy of Alicia Monroe
What is a lesson you have learned from the people you love?


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