Stuck? Try this.

What do you do when you are stuck?

Solve your little problems when you don’t know where to start. Sometimes you just have a hanger stuck in the door…

Last week we had closet doors installed in our bedroom. Now, I’m not too picky, so when mine didn’t open all the way, I thought, “well that is irritating” and pushed that thought away, choosing to see if the new door just needed to be worked, or if it would stick that way forever…

I’m the slow one in the family. I’ll just admit that right now, so when I saw a hanger on the ground under my closet door I at that moment decided to ignore it, like the not fully opening closet door. Last night though, we were cleaning, and I decided to pick that hanger up and put it away. Magically, the door is now fully functional.


So the lesson learned?

Solve your little problems. Sometimes they are the source of another problem you may not yet know how to tackle.

Will it always work? Probably not, I think some of our dragons are really dragons. But even in those cases, something as simple as doing a Rocky themed air punching montage to “the eye of the tiger” will prepare you for it.

How do you get unstuck??


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