A late, awkward valentine

I wrote this for my lovely wife for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Alicia Nicole Monroe

I’ve got nothing much to give this Valentine’s
Just my love, my pride, fight to keep one kick the other to the curbside
If I knew how to describe your smile and how it makes me feel I wouldn’t be tryin to describe your smile
If you wonder if I love you, yes I do

I ain’t got much to give
But I got
A long awkward hug, that’s awkward at the start
It won’t take long for us to get to the part
Where you try to get me to stop by poking my face
Or tickle my side, to stop the embrace

I ain’t got much to give
But I guess
I could make you a present,
The kind you’d make your mom at eleven
Hot glue burning my fingers, to make a dream catcher for you
But that’s a bit out of date, it was so Twilight part 2

I ain’t got much to give
But I guess
I could build you a cake, but we don’t have any flour
It ain’t no problem to improvise, this thing will be done by the hour
A red velvet cake made of hummus and baked in applesauce
Except now it’s turning out all awful-sauce

Your cuteness isn’t fruitless
Your sweetness isn’t needless
Our hopeless romance isn’t helpless chores
When my empty hands are filled with yours


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