Friendship is not fragile

Vinyl was eclipsed by the CD. CD’s have been eclipsed by the MP3 Player. MP3 Players are nearing obsolescence because of streaming. Streaming will die once a newer technology has taken its place. However, music has remained.

Technology is fragile to newer technology the way that tea cups are fragile to concrete.

Friendship is not fragile

Friendship is not fragile.

There are concepts that do stand the test of time. Music is not fragile. Friendship is not fragile. You can’t come up with a new tool or computer or social network that will make music break. You can’t come up with a media, or an entertainment that will make friendship unnecessary.

This is why I love music and sharing it with friends. The soul required to make great music is not found in having a better instrument, it is slaved over, searched for, and found in the unexpected moments. The chemistry of a great friendship is one of true care.

It doesn’t matter the medium, music will never be obsolete.

Whether you are an 1, 2, or 3D friend, be encouraged. Friendship has no expiration date.

Thank you for being my friend and enjoying my music.

What about your passions and dreams is timeless?

William Stonewall Monroe

PS. I’ve got to brag on my wife a bit. I recently asked her to start taking the photos for this blog. Today marks the first photo that she’s provided in our new collaboration, and she knocked it out of the park. Photo courtesy of Alicia Nicole Monroe


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