A late, awkward valentine

I wrote this for my lovely wife for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Alicia Nicole Monroe

I’ve got nothing much to give this Valentine’s
Just my love, my pride, fight to keep one kick the other to the curbside
If I knew how to describe your smile and how it makes me feel I wouldn’t be tryin to describe your smile
If you wonder if I love you, yes I do

I ain’t got much to give
But I got
A long awkward hug, that’s awkward at the start
It won’t take long for us to get to the part
Where you try to get me to stop by poking my face
Or tickle my side, to stop the embrace

I ain’t got much to give
But I guess
I could make you a present,
The kind you’d make your mom at eleven
Hot glue burning my fingers, to make a dream catcher for you
But that’s a bit out of date, it was so Twilight part 2

I ain’t got much to give
But I guess
I could build you a cake, but we don’t have any flour
It ain’t no problem to improvise, this thing will be done by the hour
A red velvet cake made of hummus and baked in applesauce
Except now it’s turning out all awful-sauce

Your cuteness isn’t fruitless
Your sweetness isn’t needless
Our hopeless romance isn’t helpless chores
When my empty hands are filled with yours


Every “I Love You” Is a Snowflake

Every “I Love You” is a snowflake,
precious, never delivered by mistake.


At the first sign of yours, I’ve cancelled all my heartbeats,
but rather than staying inside, staying safe, my heartbeats have run out the door

Infinity in the tiny things, to be taken in at once,
savored, and yet never fully comprehended.

One may not stick, one may be blown by the wind, one melted by the still warm pavement
But continue a life-long flurry and the world transforms

No More First Drafts

Confession: Almost everything I post has been a first draft. I feel like I can get away with it. I have decent grammar, and get my points across (mostly). To be honest, it is tempting to publish this “as is” with no further rewriting. Yet…

No More First Drafts

Accepting first drafts is like accepting chicken nuggets over fresh homemade from scratch cooked all day dad’s special chili.. I like to write on an impulse, bring you my whims, and move on. Now I’ll have to meditate and let things stew. I’ll have to put my thoughts in the crockpot, and not the microwave. I’ll be working on writing that exemplifies Greg Brown’s, “slow food.” In it he says, “I want food made by a chef and not by a clown.”

Writing with multiple drafts makes better writing.. My first drafts often have pieces of good thoughts, but lack focus. By writing multiple drafts, I get to edit out the extraneous material, and sharpen my message. While this pretty obvious and told to us in every English class we take, those English classes rarely demanded enough excellence to force me to take that step. Refining your craft, doing the not fun parts of your art, that requires self-motivation. It requires a deeper why. As a writer, I have decided I don’t want to just go for good enough.

The first draft is tempting because of the immediacy, the instant gratification, but I don’t want to have chicken nugget writing. I want to bring you homemade from scratch cooked all day dad’s special chili recipe writing.

I feel like I have avoided excellence in my writing by not setting aside the time to take my work to the next level. I’m sorry I haven’t given you the best writing I have in me. I’ll be working to continually improve as I press on and enjoy life. Here’s to draft 2’s, 3’s, and becoming a better writer!

Friendship is not fragile

Vinyl was eclipsed by the CD. CD’s have been eclipsed by the MP3 Player. MP3 Players are nearing obsolescence because of streaming. Streaming will die once a newer technology has taken its place. However, music has remained.

Technology is fragile to newer technology the way that tea cups are fragile to concrete.

Friendship is not fragile

Friendship is not fragile.

There are concepts that do stand the test of time. Music is not fragile. Friendship is not fragile. You can’t come up with a new tool or computer or social network that will make music break. You can’t come up with a media, or an entertainment that will make friendship unnecessary.

This is why I love music and sharing it with friends. The soul required to make great music is not found in having a better instrument, it is slaved over, searched for, and found in the unexpected moments. The chemistry of a great friendship is one of true care.

It doesn’t matter the medium, music will never be obsolete.

Whether you are an 1, 2, or 3D friend, be encouraged. Friendship has no expiration date.

Thank you for being my friend and enjoying my music.

What about your passions and dreams is timeless?

William Stonewall Monroe

PS. I’ve got to brag on my wife a bit. I recently asked her to start taking the photos for this blog. Today marks the first photo that she’s provided in our new collaboration, and she knocked it out of the park. Photo courtesy of Alicia Nicole Monroe