Yo Yo Ma’s brilliant entry

My wife and I went to go see Yo Yo Ma (courtesy of my Uncle) this past weekend. When he walked on stage, he was not carrying his cello. At first we were concerned and slightly confused, but then, he explained.

“I will be your waiter this evening…”

He explained that he saw himself as a waiter, a servant, of the music and of his audience. Likening himself to a a waiter for a Top Chef, he described his role as not creating, but rather presenting a musical experience created by the most expert creators.

pile of homemade pasta, just rolled and cut
pile of homemade pasta, just rolled and cut by cafemama, on Flickr

Now before his show, I had already started thinking of myself (especially where music is concerned) in terms of being a home chef. I even had written the following journal entry

Homemade music

like a homemade pie,
delicious and fresh
lacking entirely straight,
drawn within the lines kind of perfection
floured countertops,
fresh cut fruits
happy accidents,
intentional brilliance
love you can taste.

No stickers to tear.
No boxes to open.
Ingredients you can pronounce.

Close your eyes.
Enjoy every morsel.

After Mr. Ma’s show, the thought finished connecting. While I do compose, I feel my music is a bit more earthy and homey than a lot of classical music.

I am a home cook. Let me bring you emotions and my messages in the freshest way possible. Yo Yo Ma’s entry helped me remember what I want to do with my music as well as set the stage for his own performance. What a great entry and a great night.

William Stonewall Monroe


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