Finding your voice when you’ve lost your voice

That is where I’m at this week. A cold has wrecked my literal voice. Yes, it allows me to talk like I’m Johnny Cash or Billy Gibbons, but… I can’t really sing right now. I have to allow time for my vocal chords to heal.

Voice Tunnel 02...
Voice Tunnel 02… by Tasayu Tasnaphun, on Flickr

Which has me thinking, when you can’t directly pursue your voice, when something is blocking you from figuring out how you were meant to express yourself, what do you do?

Whatever is blocked may only be one piece of your voice.. Right now, my literal voice is what is blocked. But that is not the only way I express myself. Writing, playing instruments with my hands, performing acts of service for my wife, these are all ways I can express myself without saying a word.

Don’t give up.. It is really tempting for me to give up all creative endeavor when my voice is lost. I can’t do that though, giving up creativity can lead to other creative blocks when you return to your work.

Take rest where you find it. Yes, I’m not going to give up, but there is a healthy rest of which you can partake. The world won’t fall apart if you don’t figure everything out today. Exercise other parts of your callings, but let some areas rest. I’m not going to try and sing some sweet Soundgarden songs while my voice is in this state. Without rest, I prolong the time when my voice is not ready to be used.

What do you do when you find your creativity blocked in one area?

William Stonewall Monroe


One thought on “Finding your voice when you’ve lost your voice

  1. Take deep breaths and try to live in the moment. Concentrate on other areas that you may have neglected since you aren’t able to sing right now. This would be a great time to write lyrics!

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