Schroedinger’s Cat as Applied to Success

The principle of Schroedinger’s cat is an illustration of uncertainty. If you know that a cat is in a box, but cannot perceive anything from within the box, you cannot rightly determine if the cat is alive or deceased. Therefore, according to Schroedinger, the cat exists in a state of both life and death until you open the box. The cat will then be only alive or dead.

Schrödinger´s cat
Schrödinger´s cat by @alviseni, on Flickr

This sounds an awful lot like success/failure before any attempts are made. One of the reasons I fear working towards my dreams is exactly the trap of a Schroedinger like success. Prior to working towards my dream, I don’t know if I will succeed and I don’t know if I will fail. Hence, I maintain a state of both success and failure and am tempted to not disturb the balance.

But there is a snag that I quickly forget.

If you don’t open the box, and the cat is alive, that poor little kitty will eventually fade, giving up its mortal frame. What I need to remind myself is, if I don’t work towards my dream, it also will eventually fade, and I will be left with only failure.

Don’t let time decide whether the box holds success or failure, it always only makes a choice for the latter. Open the box, fight for what you believe and want and dream.

William Stonewall Monroe


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