The testing, and the pulling out of fire. Forget me not nor will I, thee, forget. If in the middle of a cold, wandering night, you stop to ponder, than what will and have you fore seen? In a never never always always put it to the test and found abundant.

overflowing by zoetnet, on Flickr

Overflowing. Full to the brims and filled more. Understood completely and comprehended less. Led to the mountains and shown their inextricable ties to the earth below.

Overflowing. The mettle of stronger men may prove itself in the flowing stream. Bit by bit, even if they can stand, they will be washed away. Washed clean and un recognizable.

Overflowing. More than I can hold and thankful for those arms that link with mine. Thankful for the Providence that makes my holes, whole.

William Stonewall Monroe


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