The composition of truth

Writing while biting the hook
Running not stopping to look
Was it all of me that was mistook

Here are my hands and I grabbed at the roof
Of my box and my breath and my proof
It is the ever and lasting nature of truth

It weighs more than it contains
A whole that is made up of grains

Levels of stem rust damage in wheat grain
Levels of stem rust damage in wheat grain by CIMMYT, on Flickr

William Stonewall Monroe


Slow dancing in a Burning Room

So, I’m not a John Mayer fanboy. But I heard this today and I was impressed. If nothing else, with this one line,

“Slow dancing in a burning room”

In one line, he describes a deeply connected relationship that is headed for disaster.

Slow dancing. It implies care, it implies romance. Slow dancing implies forgetting the world around you. Focus.

And if the heat of the relationship wasn’t enough…

Burning room. It implies destruction through irresistible heat. Power.

He is also quite good on the guitar…William Stonewall Monroe

Dream with me

Dream with me, dream of forgotten worlds, dream of those yet unmade. Follow in the footsteps of all the great heroes by following no footsteps at all. Believe in a tomorrow that looks like today except that everything is further along and further away by one step.

dramatic dream
dramatic dream by unNickrMe, on Flickr

William Stonewall Monroe

Finding your voice when you’ve lost your voice

That is where I’m at this week. A cold has wrecked my literal voice. Yes, it allows me to talk like I’m Johnny Cash or Billy Gibbons, but… I can’t really sing right now. I have to allow time for my vocal chords to heal.

Voice Tunnel 02...
Voice Tunnel 02… by Tasayu Tasnaphun, on Flickr

Which has me thinking, when you can’t directly pursue your voice, when something is blocking you from figuring out how you were meant to express yourself, what do you do?

Whatever is blocked may only be one piece of your voice.. Right now, my literal voice is what is blocked. But that is not the only way I express myself. Writing, playing instruments with my hands, performing acts of service for my wife, these are all ways I can express myself without saying a word.

Don’t give up.. It is really tempting for me to give up all creative endeavor when my voice is lost. I can’t do that though, giving up creativity can lead to other creative blocks when you return to your work.

Take rest where you find it. Yes, I’m not going to give up, but there is a healthy rest of which you can partake. The world won’t fall apart if you don’t figure everything out today. Exercise other parts of your callings, but let some areas rest. I’m not going to try and sing some sweet Soundgarden songs while my voice is in this state. Without rest, I prolong the time when my voice is not ready to be used.

What do you do when you find your creativity blocked in one area?

William Stonewall Monroe

Life never works out just like we expect

Sometimes I wish I could plan things out, get everything organized, and know which one of ten steps I was on to make the universe a better place. Life never works out just like we expect.

Unexpected Food VIl: Citrus Surprise
Unexpected Food VIl: Citrus Surprise by jcoterhals, on Flickr

You never know when the orange that life gave you is really a lemon hiding a lime.

It’s one of the ways we know we are not alone. If everything followed my expectations, I could be tempted to think I can really control much more than I can. Life isn’t about control.

That isn’t to say we are victims. We do impact the world around us. We do play an important role in the way our lives unfold.

The unfolding, however, is largely affected by things outside of our reach, things that we never would have guessed, and never could have known to put in motion.

Losing a job, falling in love with your best friend, hitting a vulture with your car, becoming a parent…

It is up to us how we react. Let’s enjoy this crazy adventure called life.

William Stonewall Monroe