They can’t eat you

They can’t eat you.

I hate uncomfortable conversations, making someone else frustrated, disappointing those around me, but sometimes it is necessary. My wife and I have been struggling with a few loose ends with the move, lately. Throughout the whole process there have been some uncomfortable conversations that have needed to take place betwixt us and some of those loose ends.

Will eat for food
Will eat for food by altemark, on Flickr

As the leader of our family, I get the pleasure of being the initiator of these conversations and the protector of our family if anyone is trying to push us around. As an empathetic being I much prefer everybody to get along. I would rather not stir the pot, but I must stand up for my family.

They can’t eat you.

My father in law has given me that piece of advice a number of times as I have been seeking counsel from wiser men than myself. “Call them up, write the email, after all, they can’t eat you.”

Often, the worse case scenario that we envision is vague and unrealistic. They can’t eat you is a fast way of saying, “the worse case scenario isn’t as bad as you think.” Remembering this has made it easier to remember my priorities and be a good bit more obstinate, in a necessary and good way, than I normally am. It is much easier to make someone upset when you realize that upset is about all they can be. Most of the time, that is as bad as it gets.

Write the email. Make the phone call. Make the decision. After all…

They can’t eat you.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you encourage yourself when you need to make difficult conversations happen. I would love to learn from your experience.

William Stonewall Monroe


4 thoughts on “They can’t eat you

  1. Thanks for the post. I try to live in the moment and concentrate on what is happening now. I always recite the serenity prayer, The courage to change the things you can, the patience to accept the things you cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. Also remember that we all live within our own realities, and come at things in different ways. How you understand something may be totally different than how the other person understands the situation because of their perceptions. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN and talk it out.

  2. Thanks for this timely reminder. I too, just hate to upset the apple cart, but I just need to remember at times it just has to be done and “they can’t eat me”, so I need to proceed.

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