Book review: Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis

As a matter of disclaimer I did receive a review copy of this book from

I give this book a four out of five stars. This book provides a great framework for anyone wanting to communicate anything. I’m still thinking through if it works for songs as well as speeches. (My first attempt is here:

At first the framework feels super restrictive. As you read, you must cooperate with the author and resist the temptation to tell yourself, “this won’t work for me.” Play along. Learn.

I love how Davis distills his knowledge, experience, and talent into understandable, digestible chunks.

As with many secrets to success, his method requires work. It requires practice. He begins by outlining the single most important element for effective communication (Focus) and then moves on to structuring a talk. Finally he discusses briefly some of the intricate details regarding lighting, humor, and other techniques.

Later in the book he naturally moves fast over the technical details. It is a small book and it would be out of place to have an in depth treatise on humor at the end. However, even his short coverage of the topics is insightful and useful.

While he does everyone and then throw in a joke or story that doesn’t quite fit with the context, overall this book is excellent. Like a song with a great hook, his SCORRE method will get stuck in your head. You will begin to SCORRE your own talks and the talks of others, so decide ahead of time to not bludgeon poor communicators with your new found knowledge post-read.

I can’t wait to use this method further and refine my applications of it. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who needs to communicate in any fashion and to anyone who simply wonders why great communicators are so great at it. This book demystifies communication.

William Stonewall Monroe


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