How to wake up to an alarm that only you can hear

Last night, I needed to wake myself back up in the wee hours of the morning to run a late night box run to Wally World (we are moving soon, more details in a later post). I was able to wake up, leave my lovely wife sound asleep and return with the boxes by using a nifty trick that she taught me.

Waking up
Waking up by Lars Plougmann, on Flickr

I am not a terribly sensitive sleeper, but you don’t have to be for this. Simply take your cell phone, set an alarm, and then turn the sound down to “Vibrate Only.” Put the phone under your pillow and go to sleep. When the alarm goes off, the vibrations will rattle you awake, but dissipate quickly so as to not wake up anybody else in the house. Simple as that. I was dubious at first when she had told me this, but it totally works.

Do you have any “wake up” tricks?

William Stonewall Monroe


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