Waiting like a cannonball

My wife and I are currently in a massive transition period. While I’m not quite ready to spill the details, we are facing the reality of pretty massive life change. The hardest part isn’t even the situation itself. For us, the hardest part is patience. The hardest part is waiting.
Waiting like a cannonball.

Cannon by palestrina55, on Flickr

My wife and were talking about life and she had this brilliant illustration. So credit for this post goes to her (and my Dad for making a cannon).

If your cannon is ready to fire, there is a long wick or fuse to light. The lighting of the fuse sends flame down the length of the fuse, eventually (visually) ending at the outside surface of the cannon, then the waiting begins. This is the nerve-wracking part, you wait as the final portion of the fuse is burned up inside the barrel. When will it fire?

There is an indeterminate period that seems like an eternity where you cannot see the inner workings and thus you begin to worry. Worry the massive, terrible explosion or worry the apparent disappointing lack of combustion. Either outcome is ok, it is just the not knowing that is agonizing.

Life isn’t an open book. There is no map. Often, we are in a position to simply wait. So right now that is how you will find us,
Waiting like a cannonball.

How do you deal with transition in your life? Leave a comment and we’ll learn together.

William Stonewall Monroe


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