Book Review: Death by Living, by N. D. Wilson

As a matter of disclaimer, I received a review copy of this book from .

Rating: 3/5 Stars.

The argument: You can not save yourself from death, so die by living to the full.

Death by Living is a well written dive into the essence of mortality. Story is central for Wilson. A true story is not one lived catering to the desires of others; however, a true story is lived by sacrificing for the good of others. A true story is word become flesh, become reality. As examples of stories well lived, he weaves into the narrative stories from the lives of his grandparents.

This book will either make you miss dearly, or want to spend time with your parents and grandparents.

You will ponder the lives of your forefathers, and be given greater appreciation for what humanity has gone through to get you to where you are. All this to drive home the need for us to live our stories in the moments we are given, not in the past (which we can not hold on to) or the future (which we can not predict).

Wilson’s writing style has random elements, sometimes leaving the reader a little confused, but overall, the unexpected bits lend themselves to creating a book long word picture. Read through this book and be challenged to think a little differently. Be challenged to ponder a little deeper than you may normally ponder.

Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent on Amazon (an affiliate link).

This week, I learned and recorded the song, Somewhere over the rainbow/What a Wonderful World (arr. by Iz.). The message of the song to enjoy the beauty of living goes well with the book.


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