One Proven Method for Helping Those You Love Achieve Their Dreams


You may be a dominator of tasks. Yet, how do you help the people you love overcome their insecurities to achieve their dreams?

Confession: I’m not good at this. I love to talk about my dreams, and yet I am often a poor listener and a poor question asker. However, this must be the basis of helping those you love achieve their success. If you haven’t been awesome at listening, keep any apologies brief. After all, you wouldn’t want to defeat a conversation about your loved ones dreams by focusing on yourself.

Listening will give your loved one more confidence.
Listening will give you the knowledge you need to help.

The song this week is an original tune, all about wanting to be an active member of your love’s dreams. So hear the call. Make this world a better place today by asking questions and being a ready and active listener. Speaking of which, I need to get going to ask my wife what she needs to make her day awesome.

I want to be part of your dreams, where we visit memories in photographs, like they are neighbors living on the maps.
I want to be part of your dreams, where the race is never done, and if won, is scarcely fun.

I’m fine with losing as long as I’m losing myself to you,
My heart, ever so grateful, that you would chose myself for you
This moment is gonna be fateful, fate-full of moments when your face is flush red and your heart is not blue.

Take a picture, and I will go on missing,
but the picture shows the sheath but not the stiching,
the sorrow behind the mask and the mask is unfitting,
the borrow behind the chance and the chance is unflinching.

I want to be living, as part of your dreams, I want to help the birds take wing,
to find, your heart, your soul that sings.
I want to be living as part of your dream,
A series of continued, maddening scenes, where princess and prince become queen and king.

As I said, I’m at the beginning of this learning curve and I want to get better, so bring it on! Leave a comment: How do you help your loved ones achieve their dreams?

William Stonewall Monroe


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