One question that will refocus your art

Big Beautiful Face Statue in Tenerife
Big Beautiful Face Statue in Tenerife by, on Flickr

Confession: When I am creating art, whether that be code, reports, dinner, or music, I sometimes forget what I’m doing. I sometimes ask the wrong question.

Will my audience like it?

Will I get more accolades, more love, more views, and so on? The problem with this, is that if this is the big question I ask myself, I miss the point of my art. For art isn’t about performing so that someone else will give me affirmation. Art is about connections, realization,

creating order out of chaos

as Madeleine L’Engle would say.

So I must refocus.

What will make my art more beautiful?

A little vague? Maybe, but not more vague than the question I had been asking myself. This question of beauty reminds me that I am not primarily creating so that I can have Facebook likes. It redefines my art’s purpose as well as my success criteria. No longer do I have to beat last week’s stats in order to be successful. I need to do what God has called me to do and make something beautiful. I can again make art that matters.

William Stonewall Monroe

This week’s song is Christina Perri’s Thousand Years. My buddy Ryan joined in. Enjoy.

PS. come out to Mayfair Women’s Apparel for a street side show put on by myself and Ryan, 4:30–6:30 PM.

My question for you, how do you refocus your art to what matters?


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