Is it ok to like your own art?

Mount Cook/ Aoraki, New Zealand
Mount Cook/ Aoraki, New Zealand by EmmaJG, on Flickr

Is it ok to like your own art?
Short answer? Yes.

Great chefs taste their creations, enjoying and course correcting as they go along. The first palette they please is their own. Indeed, chefs tend to be at their best when making the food they enjoy the most, the food they love the most. Can you imagine your terror if you sat down at a restaurant and the chef came personally out to your table after your meal had been served and said, “I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.” Food is art, and chefs must enjoy their art to produce at their best.

I love my own music. I get my own songs stuck in my head as I am writing and recording and I see that as a sign I am creating something worthwhile. Any time I present you with art, I want to be able to say that it touches my soul in the yearning part of my soul that is impossible to describe, in the same way that our best loved artists touch our souls. After I’m done creating, I want to have a Genesis moment and say, “It is good.” If I am excited about my art, you can be as well.

It is a good thing to love your own creations, it is even a good thing to love yourself. But where do we cross the line between this healthy self-love and narcissism? Good question, and it is a hairy one. Your going to have to have some good friends to help you figure this one out. One guideline that I can offer is that love of your self or your creations becomes unhealthy when you it becomes about you being more awesome than other people. It is these comparisons that ultimately rob us of our joy and lead down the unhealthy roads.

One of my favorite thoughts on this subject comes from CS Lewis. In his book, The Great Divorce, he describes the attitude of songwriters in heaven. He writes that a man can enjoy his own songs as if someone else had written them, and enjoy other’s writing as if he had written it himself.

This week’s music is an original that I composed. I like to call it, “the fight song.” It is a great pump up jam that I thoroughly enjoyed producing. Yes, I like it :). I hope you will too.

On the 16 of August I will again be playing at Linn St Live from 4:30 to 6:30, put it on the calendar and I will see you there!

How does enjoying your own art make that art better?

William Stonewall Monroe


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