Presenting with a why

Two days after I returned home from vacation, I had a half year show and tell presentation at work. It was a bit stressful to hammer it out in that first day. I wasn’t positive I would have everything I needed, but it all ended up coming together nicely. After giving my talk, which went much better than I had expected, I examined my thought process a bit to figure out how the talk succeeded in the midst of the potential obstacles.

why are we even having this conversation?
There are more pieces to a successful presentation than having a strong why, but in my engineering work and in my music performance, I keep coming back to it as one of the most important pieces. Michael Hyatt says, “When people lose their why, they lose their way.” With a strong sense of why, you can take every sentence, every image, every talking point, back to that why. If it doesn’t support the why, it isn’t necessary. Without a clear why, confusion can set in.

What do you find to be the best thing to remember while writing and making a presentation or performance?

William Stonewall Monroe


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