The importance of family

The importance of family, lies in the “there-ness” of family,
Love, oh love, faint and unrequited, that we must be, in the weakness of ourselves in love and loving
All such people, which providence hath bestowed. Upon awakening, and asleepening, the family we have is the family we have. Without thinking, they bend our thinking, and while many of us have strived to develop our self apart from family, myself included, that is never quite possible.

There also is a piece,
the scarceness of family
Which we have only got as much as we’ve got. My wife is my wife, My father is my father, my mother my mother, siblings siblings. They, with the exception of my sweet soul of a wife, did not exactly choose me, but they have me. But in all of this, we are who we are and we can not quickly change our numbers

the growth of family strongly tied to a note, a tone, bell like and soft. The family, a single melody can be added to, and this is a beauty of marriage, is a beauty of friendship. The family is a single melody, and yet by adding a wife and her family to mine, there is a second melody, played simultaneously that becomes a harmony making the first more special, and the second more precious. The friends, added to family, my uncles that are uncles but not really uncles and other good good good friends, add some additional contrasting percussion and other harmonies, each layer adding dissonance, syncopation, but unthought unity and wonder to the whole.


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