How to always be creative, always

I’ll be upfront here. This is something I am still working on. However, I have been making progress, so I’m talking to myself just as much as anyone else. I’ll be using songwriting since that is primarily what I do.

kill the fear
I’ve realized that the number one reason I stare at a blank page and write nothing is that I’m afraid. I’m afraid that what I’m writing won’t be any good, or I’ll hate it, or any number of other reasons. I have to remind myself that if I write nothing, nothing gets written.


create a context
Another helpful piece for me lately is to create a context for the creativity. By simply asking myself,

What am I writing about?

I often become unstuck and make progress, if nothing else, on the background story behind the song.


Even if the progress is one word, one thought, a note in the margins, write. This helps build a pattern of breaking out of the fear.

The song this week is an example of me intentionally following these steps. It is titled,
Gotta Get On Gettin Back Home

William Stonewall Monroe

PS: I have a shows coming up on May 31 and In June I will post more details soon!


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