Ten year olds change lives

The things you say matter.

In the movie, We Bought a Zoo, the character Benjamin Mee relates a life principle to his son.

All you need is 20 seconds of unstoppable courage

Later in the film, he tells his older brother, who was the one who originally taught him that principle, that he has built his whole life around that single, pre-adolescent piece of advice.

When I was a Pre-adolescent, I would walk around the house, singing anything, everything, and driving my brothers crazy. One minute I would be attempting a Don Giovanni Aria in the style of Pavarotti, the next I would be Garth Brooks, twanging out a chorus about unanswered prayers. I’d do all of this, imitating as best I could, exactly the original singer’s sound. But one day, my brother Robert said,

William, stop trying to sound like everyone else, just sing like you.

He was right. And since, I’ve built my entire thinking surrounding music, and in many ways life on just being William Stonewall Monroe. I still use this and remind myself of this advice.

So how do 10 year olds change lives? Without even knowing it, by being honest, clear, and genuinely caring, they say things that carry greater significance than they realize.

The song this week is Great Escape, by Phil Keaggy. There aren’t any words, but even without them, this song is an awesome example of communicating a theme without saying anything.


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